XX – Netflix Movie Horror Nights


This week I chose an anthology of horror by women. It was 4 horror stories from the point of view of women. The different stories all are simple tales of terror from different directors.

Story One: The Box is a short about a little boy who won’t eat. It slowly becomes noticable that there is something very wrong with him. The story is interesting and a little confusing. I know that I watched it twice because I wasn’t sure how they got to where they did in the story because it didn’t really explain it. It was definitely not my favorite of the stories.

Story Two: The Birthday Party was a short about a wife trying to throw her daughter a birthday party. On the morning of her daughters birthday she finds her husband dead and then tries to deal with it to not ruin her daughters day. It does not go as planned. The episode is a little lacking. The mother is played by Melanie Lynskey who played Gail in the recent Girlboss or where she was most recognizable to me Two and a Half Men where she played Charlie’s crazy ex who is always trying to get him to marry her.

Story Three: Don’t Fall is a short about some friends going to the desert and finding some drawings on the rocks. Then a monster shows up and attacks their friend. The only thing I didn’t like about this one is that a girl breaks her leg and she wraps her leg and doesn’t seem to be in intense pain when the break is crazy nasty.

Story Four. Her Only Living Son is a short about a boy turning 18 in the style of Rosemary’s Baby 18 years later. It’s probably the best of the four and is creepy enough.

In the fashion of 80’s/90’s horror anthologies there is a short between shorts scenes that all work together. I thought it was weird and creepy and liked where it ended up.

Overall its a quick anthology to go through and none of them are straight up terrible just mostly not great. They are interesting enough to give a try. Definitely in the B-rated Horror film category.