Who I Would Love to Play in Musicals


Marcy in I Love You Because – I fell in love with this show a long time ago and if you have never listened to it you should. It really pokes fun at a lot of silly stuff about relationships and how we tend to not want things that end up good for us in the end. The songs are humorous and most importantly Marcy sings my favorite song about falling in love with someone. The fact that you should love someone because of who they are not in spite of it. I see so many people talk about how they love someone in spite of the fact they are an asshole or a jerk, and not the fact that they love them for all the good things that they are.

Holly in The Wedding Singer – Holly is the best friend. She’s the one that pretends she needs no one and has the best songs. Well maybe, there are some fabulous songs in this silly show. Though Right in Front of Your Eyes, is definitely one of my favorites, the idea that just maybe you are overlooking someone good for you is something I can understand.

Natalie in Next to Normal – Natalie the unwanted daughter. I could pretend my range is the mothers, but Natalie is both more my range and I can connect with her on a human level. She wants her family to see her and she is scared that she may end up crazy like her mom. I can definitely relate. The sadness in her eyes is really what sells the role for me.

Catherine in Last Five Years- I fell in love with Jason Robert Brown during Parade and from there The Last Five Years and Songs for a New World. I loved Catherine. The story just hurts my heart and I can understand what she is going through. I understand his side as well, but the pain of watching someone get everything they want while you can’t seem to catch a break. The only difference is you should be happy for the other person. Life is what we make it. But the songs she sings makes my heart want to scream and thus makes me want to play her.

Lola in Damn Yankees- Absolutely one of my favorite characters. A women who gives up her soul to be beautiful who then must spend the rest of eternity seducing men to break deals with the devil. She sings Whatever Lola Wants and A Little Brains. She is straight up amazing.