D23 2017 the Disney Convention


Every two years Disney puts on a convention for itself. I love going because even though my love for Disney has just about faded I still love seeing the new things they are coming out with and the nostalgia I have for the older things. Also Disney owns Marvel and Star Wars.

The show is a small Disney oriented show so if you are going for the comic con experience other then a few attractions like the Duck Tales money pit or the Pirates exhibit you won’t find the insanity except in lines. The line for all major events started the night before and were full before the morning light hit. Everything else had a long line. Even if you got there the night before you still most likely would not get the most ¬†limited of items because Sorcerer’s the people who paid a lot of money to be there had first shot.

Other then some small annoying things like lines being long and people being generally rude about having to wait in said lines, the show is a lot of fun. I was a bit bummed that Disney didn’t do anything this year for the fans. Last D23’s trading cards was a whole lot of fun and the show before that the adventure land game was one of my favorites. I really hope they bring that back.