SDCC 2017


Every year San Diego Comic Con is a different experience for me and almost never has it been bad. This year was beautiful and fun and exhausting and crazy. I got to see lots of things I wanted, got exclusives, saw friends, went VIP and got kicked out of a hotel room. It was a roller coaster ride of the greatest sort.

I will say the one thing that bummed me out the most this year was that the Yacht became open to the public. I had wanted to get on it for years and as soon as it became public my desire waned and I never even went near it. Instead I found other exclusive things that I wanted to do. Every year I find new and interesting things to do for the con.

This year I hit a lot of the inside stuff and basically skipped everything that was open to the public except the Ice Cream Citadel. I really love Blizzard Entertainment and so it was a must see for me. I got the posters and even framed a flyer. The ice cream was delicious as well.

I was bummed about Zenescope. I guess I read the contest wrong but they sent a thing saying if you showed up to the booth with a gelato cup you got a metal art print. When I did it the first day they told me they were only doing 10 a day. That made it impossible unless I was sleeping over for the line which I was not going to do. I did get a cool photo from the booth of me, which I rarely do. So that was pretty cool.

I hit the books like always and got 12-15 books so that really made me happy. I haven’t yet had a chance to look at them. I know I got some for my friends kids that I will need to mail out soon. I hope they enjoy them. I also got a LOL Cat Bible from a guy following around the jesus guy with a sign. That was one of the coolest things I got. The book is the bible translated into lolcat. It made my day.

I also did the Alien Covenant thing because it had some of the coolest swag. I love the Alien franchise and if you went through it you got a set of 6 Alien pins. Of course I jumped on that. It was silly and fun and I am glad I got to do it.

I got to meet my favorite lore writer and have her sign some of my Warcraft books so that was quite exciting. I was happy that she was incredibly nice and signed a Cards Against Humanity card for my collection. I love when a person is awesome. I also got to meet the director and actors for a indie film I just recently reviewed. They talked with me and signed a poster for me. I was pretty stoked.

Overall this was a really good year. i spent it with friends, did lots of stuff and had lots of fun. I can’t wait until next year.