Final Fantasy Record Keeper


I grew up in love with Final Fantasy mostly Moogles and Chocobos. They were the cutest things ever. I played so much of Final Fantasy 8’s battlecard trying to get all the cards. I also played Chocobo Dungeon for an insane amount of hours. I met a guy for a date and while he waited for me to show up he was playing this game. I watched him play for a while and then quickly downloaded it to my phone so that I could play it too.

I have been playing and enjoying it a ton.The game is interesting in each battle some are quite easy where others require you to know which characters and spells you need to kill the boss. I like having to figure out what break is going to make it easier to kill the boss. Where one might kill the boss in one shot or do nothing. I have spent so much mythril on certain bosses trying to win.

I really enjoy all the characters. There are so many characters from past games. I use Cloud and Red XIII in my group because they are some of my favorite characters from the game. I was using Aerith but I wasn’t using a healer that often and it was pulling down my team.

I love all the different dungeons that they have made and all the different characters you can get. I like the raid dungeon because it adds to the multi player aspect. Definitely a fun game to add to your gameplay.