Haruo Nakajima has Passed Away


For anyone that knows me Godzilla has been a huge and important part of my life. If you hear me talk I’ve even designed a Godzilla wedding dress for the day someone is stupid enough to want to marry me. I loved all the Godzilla movies when I was a kid and it followed me through all of my life.

Haruo Nakajima was the first man to put on the Godzilla suit and become the kaiju that we have all fallen in love with. That first adorably cute monster with his big eyes and silly smile that rampaged through a city. The first time I wanted a monster, the first time as a kid I searched thrift stores for Godzilla toys and I still do. I buy all the ones i find. I have a mass of tiny Godzillas from over the years. I would love to buy some of the ones from Japan. There are so many cool ones out there.

So thank you  Haruo Nakajima for being our first and bringing us the monster that has made such a staple in my life. May you rest forever in peace.