Kitten’s DIY Nights – Bandanna Pillows


So I already made the pillow this time cause I wasn’t thinking about lead up photos and I forgot to charge my phone to take more photos so I will just talk about it and share the few pictures I did take.

I took a bandanna that I got from Defcon from one of the booths and a matching piece of minky fabric and decided to make a pillow. It’s actually pretty simple cause I just sewed it together inside out and then flipped it through and will soon fill it with stuffing and I will have a really cool souvenir and soft pillow for where ever this one gets put. I really like making stuff so I’m gonna be making a lot more geeky stuff and posting about it cause it helps with my depression and should help me keep on a better routine. I hope to soon be selling some fun geeky wares again when I have finally made the time for me. I am in 4 coding classes and ones outside of school to help me get better at coding, so craft time will slowly go down.

So here’s what they look like together. I just used a simple zigzag stitch on the machine to sew it together leaving about a 4 inch hole to be able to pull it through once it was all stitched together. I think this is some really cute fabric. I will have a better walk through when I make some more pillows from my sdcc bandanas that I got.