Nerve Hulu Movie Nights


So I wanted to see this when it came out in theatres only because I love Dave Franco. I think he is adorable and fantastic. So tonight while sewing I decided to finally take that last step and watch it.

First of all the premise is kind of interesting people play an online game of truth or dare and win money as they complete dares. The audience is basically crowdsourcing it and they help to pick out the tasks that people do. They start off simple and get more intense as they go along.

Emma Roberts plays Venus a timid shy girl who’s quiet and in the shadow of her best friend who is playing the game and gaining in the lead. She ends up deciding to join the game and ends up partnered with Dave Franco after her first dare. They just go on from there doing dares together gaining in followers. The concept is cool, and quite intriguing. I don’t know if i had the option to play a game like that if I would, I honestly probably wouldn’t even watch.

The movie if you suspend belief for how the internet works and how hacking works you can enjoy it. It’s fun and over the top and exactly what you think a game of dare would be like run by a bunch of high schoolers.

I give it like a 7. I would probably not watch it again alone, might if a friend hadn’t seen it and really wanted to see it.