Midtown Comics in NYC


I finally got a chance to go to Midtown Comics in NYC. I went on a trip to NYC with my best friend and we went to all the places I had always wanted to go. It was a pretty amazing trip. We made it to Midtown Comics after going to a couple of different stores. I wanted to go because I had seen them online before.

The store is pretty cool and two stories. It;s a nice comic book store with lots of toys and comics for every fandom. There were so many shirts, comics and toys available to anyone that wants to buy things.

I looked through all the geeky shirts. They had a ton of different comics and some older ones and lots of graphic novels. I had a really great time going through everything. I am glad I made it out when I got to New York since it’s a pretty iconic store for geeky folks. You should give it a try if you make it out to New York City and really like comics.