Phantom Carriage Brewery


Tonight we went to Phantom Carriage Brewery. I really thought it was a cool little brewery. It’s in an industrial park and it’s tucked away in Carson. There isn’t much parking but I’m starting to see that a lot with breweries. Haha. It’s really dark when you walk in the door. I had to wait a little bit for my eyes to adjust. They had seating over on one side that was surrounded by kegs and barrels. It looked pretty cool and then on the other side they had a little screening room. When we got there they were playing Beetlejuice. We grabbed our drinks. He got a Red Velvet Beer, I made a face when I tasted it because it was super not my thing. I got Creature Dip, which was quite delcious spinach and artichoke dip. We sat around eating, drinking and watching old horror movies. This place is definitely super me.

They have lots of posters up on the way to the bathroom and the bathrooms are clean. The bartender was nice to us and the place in general just has a really nice vibe. I am glad we went out tonight. It was a good night.