Kitten’s DIY Pokeball Cross Stitch


I have really fallen in love with cross stitching so you are going to see more projects here as I make more and more things. Right now I am working on a hearthstone one. This post though is all about the Pokeball cross stitch I made for my best friend. You see she’s moving away and so I made her one to put up in her new place. I am so very proud of her.

I hadn’t cross stitched anything in a real long time so I went to Amazon and bought a beginners kit. Then I went on youtube and watched some refresher courses on exactly what I was doing. I wanted to make as few mistakes as possible. I threw away my first attempt at the Overwatch symbol.

I found a design I liked on the internet. There are a ton of this particular design all over the web. I sat down and started stitching. If you have never cross stitched before it’s not that hard and it’s fun and something you can do while watching tv and movies.

Once you finish the design you might want to frame it. I have yet to get to that part yet. I will be framing all my pieces and giving them out to friends. Except my bubble bobble one. That goes over my bed.