Thinking About Your Hobbies When Buying a Car with


I spend half my time not at home because of Comic Conventions and Events. It’s what has filled my life with such joy and brought to me a plethora of friends who all enjoy the same things. I am so very lucky to have the life I do.  Recently I’ve been in the market for a new car because of a slight accident that has been a nightmare. So I went on so that I could find myself something that would work for my life. Below I wrote out a little bit about my thought processes when buying a car that suits your hobby for those of you that might be thinking about a new car and live the convention life.

When I go to conventions for work depending on the show I need either a lot of space or a place to ship my things. That’s why when looking at cars to buy it was really important for me to research different cars and learn everything I could about the available space in them so I could make the smartest choice for myself.

When looking for a car I needed a lot of space in the trunk for my suitcase and all my cosplays. I have some outfits I can fit into one suitcase, but my best friend the last time we went to San Diego Comic Con his entire car was full because he had a ton of armor for cosplays. So trunk space for him was a must. Buying a little convertible would get him totally no where with what his hobby of choice is. It is so important to research.

Also then go to seating. How many seats do you need in your car? Do you go as a group to conventions? I know my cosplay family is quite huge. We normally have at least 5 of us packed into a car. So I definitely want to make sure I am getting enough seats for everyone so after the convention we can go out to dinner. I wouldn’t want to leave anyone behind.

Next you have to look at gas mileage not every convention is right next to home and I have traveled all over the country if you read my blogs you know I’ve been to the east coast, the west coast and everything in between. So a car with good mileage is not only a plus but a necessity. I am already paying a lot for these hotel rooms and would like to cut the costs on driving. I want something that makes me not feel like I have to drop an arm and a leg just to get to con. I like that mileage in cars in general has gone up over the years so that’s a huge plus.

The other thing that’s really important is does the car fit you. Pick something that when you see it you know its right. Are you going to add a bunch of decals of your favorite characters? Are you going to add a dancing hula girl to the dashboard? How are you going to make the car an extension of yourself? This is something you will use everyday don’t make any decision without really thinking about it.