Long Beach Comic Con 2017


This weekend I attended Long Beach Comic Con. I didn’t make it out Saturday because I was just too tired from working an overnight. I did however get off work at 10am on Sunday and hop in the shower and run over to the convention.

The con was in the front. They switch between the front and back of the convention center. I like it being in the front because after con when I am starving then I can walk right across the street and get food. Which is exactly what I did. There were some major changes this year to the convention this year. One of the biggest was a list of rules and a security check point before you could walk into the convention. They checked your bag and wanded you. The world is a scary place and if we can make it a little safer I am all for it. The line when I got there wasn’t that long.

I went inside and picked up my ticket and then said Hi to some friends before heading down the escalator to the convention floor. There were cosplayers of every kind walking around. The convention also had the Geekfest and a Costume Contest.

I enjoyed looking at all the booths I talked to different vendors as I walked around. I spoke with a few of the cosplayers with their booths. Maid of Might is always a sweetheart and she looked beautiful as Captain Marvel. I love running into cosplayers who are slowly turning something they are passionate about into life. It makes me just so happy for them.

I went around to all the vendors I even picked up some tea from The Teabook. I saw someone else with them and I had to go get some. I can’t wait to send my friend some of the tea for his birthday. I looked everywhere for a rapidash stuffed animal for my bestie but never found one. We walked by Sherilyn Fenn’s booth but she was away at the time. I really enjoy Twin Peaks so I was a bit sad.

I went upstairs to see other friends. A few photographers had set up shooting areas to take photos of cosplayers. I thought that was a really neat thing to do. If I hadn’t had such a busy weekend I would have definitely dressed up to get some photos. It was nice seeing so many people getting photos and so many happy people working together.