Netflix Nights: The Newsies Broadway Musical Review


I wanted to see this in theatres and the days it happened to be in theatres I forgot and I was bummed. So I was overjoyed when I found out it was on Netflix. I am a huge musical theatre nerd and love watching all theatre productions. I have been to so many. I am sad that lately I just haven’t had the time to go to shows. I sang a song from Newsies in high school so I knew the show already but had never seen it live.

The musical is about newsboys and how badly treated they were and how they staged a strike to change the way young kids were treated and how unions started and played a part in helping with child labor laws. Of course there is drama and a bit of romance. The show is fun because it is Disney.

The musical is fun and upbeat. I love the song Seize the Day. The show is slow at times but its got a lot of love in it. If you are a musical theatre fan or shows like Oliver Twist you should give this one a try.