Hulu Nights- My Bloody Valentine


Decided to watch My Bloody Valentine tonight because I had never seen it. I love Jensen Ackles and I don’t know how I missed watching this when it was in theaters.For some reason for the longest time I thought it started David Borenaz instead of Jensen Ackles. I had never even looked into what the film was about or that it was a remake of a film from 1981.

The film takes place  ten years after gruesome set of murders on Valentines Day. Tom returns to his hometown and as murders start to happen again there is suspicion placed on him and the only person who believes he is innocent is his ex girlfriend. The film is quite gorey and back in 2009 had a 3D version that had blood and other things jump out at you in the theatres.

The film is silly and fun and cheesy which makes it a great sit and watch horror film. It’s not overly gory for the sake of gore and its just the right amount of grossness for me not to be squeamish. The movie has some nudity and of course lots of over the top deaths. The film is predictable but still enjoyable.

If you are a Supernatural fan, a Jensen Ackles fan, fan of early 2000’s horror then this is the type of film you should watch for your halloween horror fix.