Horror on Hulu Among Friends


So I decided to watch this today because it was directed by horror Scream Queen Danielle Harris and I love seeing women take the helm in the directors seat. I had a hard time watching it because its a torture horror film which is really not my thing. So it made me a little squeamish. I thought the acting really wasn’t that bad.

The idea of the film is that one friend isn’t actually a friend and she drugs all her friends and ties them up to then make them understand what shitty friends they are to each other. I can kinda get behind that idea, lots of friend groups are terrible and treat each other really badly. They each have some pretty terrible things they have done to each other. She is absolutely crazy and starts hacking into people.

Now I thought the script was weak in a lot of points. That made for the people to have to really act more. There were instances where things were completely unbelievable and over the top.The story has some weird scenes, like a dream sequence that feels out of place. It ends in a cliff hanger giving you the idea that they could pick up where they left off. If it were a tv series they could have broken it up and had a maybe more interesting time line and story.

Overall I didn’t really like it. It was lackluster and too much just torture rather then horror. If you like the torture side of horror you might enjoy this B-rated film.