Netflix Nights: It Follows Movie Review


I had heard about this movie but not actually watched it until now. The movie seems silly. It’s about a creature/ghost something, that follows you through sexual contact. The premise is kinda funny like giving an STD a monster version. The idea that STD’s are kinda like monsters because they follow you around and cause lots of problems in peoples lives.

The film starts out with a guy sleeping with a girl and then telling her that she is now infected and the only way not to die is to pass it on. The film itself is entertaining. I enjoyed watching it and didn’t hate it. The actors aren’t over the top, the monster is kinda creepy. I would definitely be creeped out if a lady was chasing after me trying to kill me because I had slept with someone.

Overall if you haven’t seen it give it a watch, it is good enough to sit down and take it in on a chilly October night.