Camp Frida a Horror Camp for Horror Enthusiasts


I was lucky enough to see a facebook event for this the day before. I got super excited because it was basically happening down the street from me. I knew I wanted to go. My boyfriend is not a night person so I tried to find me someone else who would go with me so that I didn’t have to go alone, but I couldn’t find anyone to go with so I had to brave it going alone. I hate going to events alone and even more that it was a twelve hour event. Yet I braved it and I had a blast.

The event was at a art house near my home. As soon as I saw it I bought myself a ticket and then shamelessly tried to convince someone to go with me. I get uncomfortable going to things alone. No one wanted to spend the entire night awake. So I ended up going alone. I was nervous but I grabbed my Mischief plush and my Harley Quinn blanket and some snacks and had the boyfriend drop me off. He promised to come pick me up the next morning. 

When I got there I got my wristband and got in line to get my ticket scanned. They had food and snacks available for purchase. They even had horror cupcakes available for a donation. The S’mores one was delicious.

The films they played were

Evil Dead

Sleepaway Camp

Blair Witch or Cabin In the Woods

Friday the 13th Part 4

The Burning

The Vvitch

Evil Dead 2


Now I was really happy that they had an another option for Blair Witch that film makes me feel very sick. Funny enough there were a lot of people that agreed with me. I had never seen The Burning. So that was neat to see a new film stuffed in between lots of classics that I knew well. I dislike the Vvitch so I actually sat in the second theatre during that film and colored. I was worried about falling asleep. I actually at that point almost went home cause I was really tired and wasn’t sure I was gonna make it. I am glad one of the “camp counselors” convinced me to stay through until the end.

They had coloring pages to color, a postcard you could send home to friends, Friday the 13th the game on the big screen and buttons you could buy for each of the films like little badges. I didn’t buy any of the buttons cause I have too many buttons. If you stayed through the entire event you got a real cool pin.

Overall the event was pretty sweet. I really enjoyed myself got to marathon horror on the big screen and have my horror for the halloween season since I was severely lacking it this year.