Black Mirror Season 4


Black Mirror comes back with a creepy bang. This season brings back the intellectual and intensity that each season before it has brought us. This season there are 6 episodes each with the same intensity as the last seasons. Each a thought provoking look into a society we may not be far off from.

I especially like episodes 2, 4, and 6. Each of these episodes had something that really pulled me in and made me think.

The first episode was about a VR game. With our gaming culture going the way it is, we are starting to see more VR games. The idea behind this episode is what if you could control the people who are mean to you in real life? It’s a spooky take on where we could be going with the technology. I think we are always one accidental discovery from finding out how to do things we are not yet capable of. I think that’s one of the most terrifying things about technology is there is always someone trying to find new and improved ways to use it for both good and evil and everyday people find ways to do things we never thought possible.

The second episode is about when we take surveillance too far. It definitely creeped me out. Do we really want to live in a society where every move is watched and life is censored? I know I surely don’t want to. I liked the idea of episode three. The fact that everything can be found out. It actually I think was the most disturbing of the episodes for me. I also really loved episode four. Dating is scary and awful and the idea that it’s all decided out for you is also just as terrifying. It was also one of my favorite episodes. The fifth episode is by far my least favorite and I still couldn’t tell you what it’s about because I really didn’t pay attention. The last episode was pretty great.

Overall the entire series was pretty great and this season was great. If you haven’t picked up the show yet, you should. It’s disturbing and weird. It’s amazing and terrifying all at the same time. Give it a chance if you want to see our future in a creepy almost twilight zone world.