Amazon Prime Video Presents Lore


Are you a big fan of the podcast Lore? Did you listen to each and every haunting audio with anticipation? Then you should check out Lore on Amazon Prime. Amazon has partnered with the podcast Lore to make a tv series of the same name.

Now I myself am not a fan of the podcast. I tried really hard to get into it. I found his voice to be too monotone for me. Though I really like the subject that he talks about. I have listened to a lot of the podcast for that reason. I was excited about the show because I felt the same way. I might not really dig his voice but I definitely like what the show is offering. I am a huge nerd when it comes to supernatural stuff.

The show is quite interesting if you like the creepy and supernatural. It’s worth watching if you want to learn about different wicked topics. I liked the way the show is presented and keeps you entertained when watching if this is your type of show.

You can always give the show a try yourself.