The MCU Future


Avengers: Where to Now?

As we approach the grand finale of the epic first three stages of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the burning question on every fans mind is the same…where do we go from here?

For 10 years Marvel has provided us with storylines and characters we find ourselves caring about, drawn to their growth and struggles as we anxiously await each new chapter in this hopefully unending saga. Six months ago fans were both eagerly anticipating and equally dreading the crown jewel of Marvels Infinity War. At long last we would see the destruction that can be wrought from only the mad titan Thanos, we would see the end of several heroes times as their real life contracts came to their ultimate conclusion, knowing that with their end so would end our favorite decade of movies. Yet suddenly, new life has been breathed into Marvel and with it our hopes have ignited and our imaginations have run wild with the endless possibilities. Disney in its unending conquest of entertainment domination, has acquired Fox and with it the rest of Marvels cast lineup. X-men, Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer, Deadpool and all their storylines are wide open to usher in a new wave of Avengers!

As every fan knows the Avengers lineup has consistently changed in the comic books, and this gives us hope for many more years of Marvel movie brilliance.

What we know: Black Panther is about to enter into the MCU and take charge, and who better than a genius fighter of a king to take up the lead for a new Avengers team. Ant-Man and Wasp will add to the depth of the new team and can open up a series of new humorous escapades for the team as Paul Rudd is always a laugh. Ms. Marvel, her entrance into the MCU can usher in the vast array of other worldly threats facing our heroes and with them…perhaps the cosmic entity of Silver Surfer?

What We Hope: The X-Men have struggled since X2 and need new life. Their timeline has been a mess, but by coming under the genius of Kevin Fiege perhaps we can find the right actors and actresses to portray our beloved mutants. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want to see the classic storyline of the X-Men vs the Avengers to decide the fate of Magneto. Perhaps even more so, could this potentially lead up to (ten years down the road) Marvel Onslaught?

The Fantastic Four were Marvels first family and deserve the proper respect and rebirth given to so many hero’s. Besides, the relationship between a young Peter Parker and Johnny Storm has been long standing throughout the decades of these famous hero’s. let’s give them the entrance by welcoming them into the new wave of Avengers which coincides perfectly with the multiverse and the infamous Dr. Doom!!!

Needless to say the possibilities are now endless, and though we will forever be thankful to this current lineup of heroes that have given us epic memories, the future is bright and vast and filled with the what could be.