FIDM Oscar Costuming Exhibit


I absolutely love going to FIDM. I would go daily if I didn’t waste a ton of money every time I go. It’s so neat all the things they have in the sponsorship store. I love to go for the museum part as well. Right now the museum has costumes from a bunch of films that came out this year. I love seeing the costuming up close and personal.

This year the front and center costume piece were those from Wonder Woman. I absolutely loved seeing how well crafted her suit was. It was absolutely amazing. There were so many gorgeous pieces through out the exhibit. There were the outfits from the famous scene in Beauty and the Beast. The villainous Hela was standing in terrifyingly beautiful form. Her head piece looks amazing. The creepy clown Pennywise’s outfit is still just as creepy as it was in the film. I loved seeing the outfits from Pitch Perfect 3.

My favorite pieces were The Greatest Showman. I fell in love with the film and seeing Hugh Jackman’s outfit up close making my little heart flutter. There was so many gorgeous outfits to be enjoyed. Also getting the chance to see the other beautiful outfits on display in the next room from other people’s collections. There are some amazing fashion pieces I would die to wear out on a date.

If you have never gone to the FIDM Museum you should make a trip to go see it before it disappears on April 3rd. It’s the place to be.