The Mermaid Museum Pop UP for Siren on Freeform


It was my mothers birthday this weekend and also Mermaid Day. So when I heard about the Mermaid Museum popup I had to do it. So I went online and got 4 tickets since my best friend lives really close to the studio and I had a friend coming in to spend the weekend with me. I had no idea what to expect so I was ready to hang out with people I love even if the popup ended up sucking. The popup was all for Siren on Freeform a new tv series coming out about mermaids, but not the little mermaid kind.

We got there about 30 minutes before our scheduled time and then found out one of our group was gonna arrive after our time. They were incredibly nice to us and let us come in after our time. The first room we all hit was the bathroom which they had even decorated for the event.

There were photo ops set up all over the place. You could take a photo to look like you were swimming with a mermaid, photo ops against the shows title, a ball pit to take a gif in. You could take photos in a shell and in a little cute seat. There was even a mermaid swimming in a tank.

We had so much fun together taking photos and laughing. As we were leaving they gave us a really nice water bottle with scales and the name of the show on the bottle. I choose the blue and my friend chose the silver one. I am glad we got to see the museum.