Generation Beauty 2018


So I took my friend to Generation Beauty. This is my 5th year in a row. It’s a makeup convention put on by the company Ipsy. It started on top of the LA Live building and has grown larger in size every year. Sadly with its growth it has gotten worse and worse every year. I guess this year wasn’t as bad as last year where they left all the attendees outside in the freezing cold for three hours without telling us what was going on, but this year was definitely nothing like the first two years.

This year they moved into the convention center. That meant they had a bigger space and the ability to have more companies come to show off their products. They took away the ticket system and put in RFID chips into our wristbands, rather then badges. This meant you had to stand in line at every booth. In years past you could split up your group and send your friends to the booths they each wanted to talk to and still walk away with all the gifts. This year you were forced to stand in lines that were about 45-1 hour long just to get in many cases a sample item. You couldn’t talk to brands because they were trying to either pass you through quickly or were heavily pressing you to purchase. The people in line were upset about the wait and it made trying to talk to brands hard when you know the people in line are just like you stuck trying to get through to each place. As an influencer I felt like this really shut out the opportunity for connecting with brands, it felt more like a cattle call rather then the intimate experience that was Generation Beauty when it started.

The gift bag was reported to be worth $300+ when in reality it was worth maybe $100. There were 46 brands on the floor and you were lucky to get through 12 each day and that was without stopping to talk to anyone and not stopping for lunch. That made this years show a real bust for me. I have always liked that I could talk to reps and make relationships with brands.

Though I enjoyed the time spent with my friend I was really unhappy with the show this year. I don’t know if I will be running to grab a ticket next year, it seems Ipsy has lost the desire to be a show for creators and artists to really connect with brands and other creators and more just trying to get as many people on the floor as they can so they can pocket the most cash.