The Museum Of Death


I have been wanting to go to the Museum of Death for a while and I just happened to finally be in LA a lot more lately and so before I go to work every Thursday I go to a museum. I really enjoy exploring LA. I love feeling like a tourist since I rarely went into LA as a kid even though I only lived like 45 minutes away. I have driven by the Museum of Death so many times I decided it was finally time to go inside. Being a huge true crime fan I was excited to see what they showcased. You walk in through a gate and then into a gift shop. There in the shop you drop off your bag since they have a no bag policy and you get your ticket to walk through the door.

The first room is all serial killer stuff. The psychology of serial killers is a huge interest of mine. I just want to know why someone would do the things that they do. It’s so scary that someone is broken on the inside and they would do something terrible to other people because of it. The museum has letters and art from the actual serial killers. The art is creepy and interesting. So many serial killers have become artists in prison. The second room has a bunch of things about executions. I love reading all the info and learning about the different ways people have been killed. The next room was all about morgues and embalming people. There was some really neat things in there. I enjoyed seeing all the old instruments and the advertising they had received.

You also got to see really disturbing pictures from a couple of murdered someone and took a bunch photographs to document it. The bunk bed from the kool aid cult. More things from other famous serial killers and unsolved cases. There was taxidermy and famous dogs who had been immortalized. There were so many things to see while walking around the building.

I left the building feeling a bit queasy. There was so much to stress your body out. It was very interesting to see all of it. I will definitely go again to see all the things I missed and new additions. Definitely if you are horror or true crime enthusiast you might really enjoy this museum. I know that even though it made me uncomfortable I really enjoyed myself.