OPI’s New Nail Polish Collection is The One That I Want


Growing up I watched Grease probably more times then any other movie. I was a musical child and I couldn’t get enough of Grease Lightning. So the other day while I was out trying to get my cell phone fixed. (Thankfully they were able to fix mine in 15 minutes, my mother who also needed her phone fixed took 6 hours and we were stuck there all day. haha).  I walked into Planet Beauty to stare at the Unicorn Hair dyes because more then anything I want to dye my hair rainbow and they just look so gorgeous. I hope to get the time to do it soon,

While roaming Planet Beauty I saw that they had the Grease OPI collection. This made me overly excited because of my absolute love for the film/musical. I love when makeup brands collaborate with companies on limited edition stuff. Half of my makeup collection is limited edition things. They had two different sets and then a bunch of single bottles you could choose from if you have particular colors you really like.

The names for the colors all matched to different things in the film.There is a teal color called “Teal me more, Teal me more”. A pale yellow polish called “Meet a boy cute as can be”. The colors take on cute names inspired by moments and songs in the film. I love all the colors. I love that the colors range from pastels like Sandy’s original costuming at the beginning of the film when she is sweet and innocent to the Rydell colors of the school to dark blue and magenta’s for some of the dresses at the dance. There is really a great range of colors available to spark anyone’s inspiration for a night out sock hop style. I know I want to get the whole collection. I think I am drawn more to the sets because I would want to keep the packaging. This is definitely in my opinion a hit out of the park for the OPI nail polish company. The span of fans is multi generational and they should be flying off the shelves. I can;t wait to paint my nails and go out for a milkshake.