Fallout Geeki Tiki Mugs


The Bethesda store was closing and they were clearancing out a lot of items. I saw that the Fallout Geeki Tiki Mugs were on sale for $5 and decided I had to grab them. I have a pretty large tiki mug collection and whenever I find mugs for cheap I just can’t turn it down.

I happened to pick up Vault Boy, Dogmeat and Deathclaw. I missed out on the Power Armour but I am sure at some point i will find it. Vault Boy is a blue tiki mug and Dogmeat and Deathclaw are brown tiki mugs. They are incredibly cute and well made. They line of Geeky tiki mugs is all over the place when it comes to fandoms. There are Marvel ones, Star Wars ones, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and many many more.

They are very stylized versions of the characters they represent and they are a dream for any tiki collector and for any geek who is really into unique things from there fandoms. I love them and can’t wait to put them on display in my tiki room. I will surely be posting about the rest of my tiki collection at some point.