Rant: Is a Meme a Spoiler?


On Thursday of last week Avengers Infinity War came out. I saw the very first showing of the evening because I didn’t want to be spoiled by friends who saw the movie and just couldn’t wait to talk about it. Even though my facebook was full of people telling others if they spoiled the film they would be unfriended just a day after the film came out my facebook was full of what I consider spoilers and as the day went on I came to realize that it boiled down to two things. People felt once they had seen the film they no longer needed to worry about it being spoiled and thus could talk openly about the film and people felt that it wasn’t there responsibility to not spoil it for others.

On friday evening I saw my first meme. I wondered why someone would post it when the film was out less then 48 hours. When I asked them they told me it wasn’t a spoiler. It was something huge from the film just with a character from a different fandom. I asked them how it wasn’t a spoiler and they told me it was because it didn’t directly tell you anything about it. Now I feel like alone if there was just one meme out there it wouldn’t have really been a big deal but less then a few hours later I saw several more and then ones more directly telling you something about the film. Within 2-3 memes you could easily get the gist of what was happening. Then people started posting them as their profile pictures. I see lots of folks posting memes and then posting about how they haven’t seen any of their friends post spoilers. I feel that people are trying to absolve themselves of being labeled a jerk by trying to convince people that a meme isn’t a spoiler. I think more so if we just were to respect our friends enough to only post in private groups things about the films for at least the first week so that everyone could enjoy the film the way that would really help in making our geek community a better place. I know Solo and Deadpool 2 come out this month and I am certain I will have to see both on the first day to get out of being spoiled by my meme posting friends.