I went to the 4th year of one of my favorite book fairs in California. It’s such a fantastic time that I always walk away with a large number of books to read. I am an avid reader and this year I definitely picked up a bunch I can’t wait to read.
I got in line at 8 am and the event starts at 9 am. There was a line for Marisa Meyer’s book signing but I knew I didn’t really have a chance to get a ticket so I didn’t really try. I did go straight to Epic Reads because I was hoping to get the new Lauren Oliver book, I wasn’t successful but they gave me a different book instead for knowing the pass code.
I had written down a list of books I was trying for I missed all but one of them, but ended up getting a bunch of books I didn’t know would be there that look super good. I was also pretty excited for the beach towel I got from Underlined and for the pins I got at various booths. I collect pins so they will be added to my collection. Being around so many readers renewed my love of books. I am going to try to start bookstagramming and start reviewing books again on a regular basis. I used to love reviewing books and reading all the books coming out. I have gotten so behind in stuff. You all will see the new books I get as well as all the older books I have yet to read. I will try to switch between them.
So I am not sure which book yet is my favorite book but there are some really good ones. I even won a duplicate book and traded a girl for a book I really wanted. That definitely made me excited. This year other then being sick and leaving early I had a really good time. I enjoyed myself and love forward to next years fest.