School of Rock at the Pantages


I saw School of Rock in New York City with my best friend two years ago. It was his first ever Broadway Musical. I loved it. We were skeptical at first because I was so excited when we got to NYC that we were going to see American Pyscho. When we got to Times Square we found out it had closed 2 weeks early due to people complaining about the content. (It’s a musical from a horror movie of course its about murder).So we searched around the list of what was playing and tried to find something we wanted to see it ended up being School of Rock. We weren’t certain it would make a great musical. Oh my were we wrong. We both absolutely loved it.

I was given tickets to see it for the early show on opening night. I loved it once again. It was so much fun. The kids are adorable and fantastic. They all perform so well. It’s so neat to see all the children on the stage dancing around and enjoying themselves. I know as a kid I would have loved to be in playing in that show. Each kid showcases their talent and so many of them are incredibly talented. The man playing Dewey is also talented to the max. He is a great choice for a Jack Black clone. He was funny and his voice was so much like Jack Black’s he reminded me so much of the actor. He had his own spin on the character that was just as fantastic.

If you loved the film or enjoy a rockin’ show this is one that you want to get your butt over to so that you can see it for yourself.