Deadpool has taken over 7-11 Get Your Official Merchandise Now


I live next to a 7-11 and I walk there quite frequently for drinks when I have forgotten to buy something for the house and water just isn’t cutting it. Recently because of the new Deadpool movie coming out in theaters, Deadpool licensed things have started to show up at      7-11. I was super stoked and bought one of the plastic straws immediately. I am trying to use reusable straws more often and having a little deadpool hanging off the straw might help me.

It has been 3 days since I started to write this article and one of the 7-11’s by me is completely sold out of the straws. There are 4 different cup designs. I had to get one because they look cool and they refill for only $0.69. Which is cheaper then a normal refill at 7-11. There are 5 different straws and a slurpee flavor.

I love when stores do promotions like this because it makes me want to go to the store more and see all the ways they try to use people to get them purchasing their stuff. I know that seeing the Deadpool stuff definitely made me walk around the store so I could see everything that they had matched up with.

I even heard someone say there were gummy baby hands for sale but I have yet to see them in any of the stores I have been in. I can’t wait to try the slurpee flavor. It looks delicious.