So I Watched Nightmare on Elm Street 1-5 and New Nightmare….


So it’s been a while since I watched any of the Nightmare on Elm Street films. So I saw that they had almost every Freddy film on Hulu I figured since i was sick at home what better time then to sit down and watch all the Nightmare films. I forgot how incredibly silly and fun they are. Robert Englund is a wonderfully terrifying Freddy Krueger and is so amazingly animated in the way he portrays the monster.

I think the first film is of course the best just because we are introduced to Freddy and he’s just so terrifying as we learn about him. Also the bathtub scene is just so scary. The last scene in the film is probably one of my favorites because the car is just so cool. I adore the second film because I love Mark Patton and the fact that its the only film where Freddy is killing people through someone else when he’s not in dreams. The third and forth films are just ok. But the fifth film has the comic book scene which is amazing. I love the way they did such silly things and people loved them. Now Freddy’s Dead has so many incredibly B rated parts. The video game scene is wonderful and and makes me so happy. The scene where Freddy makes the kid have super hearing always makes me giggle. I love it.

I love the very campiness of the films. That’s why they have lived so long though all the new horror films. The cult nature of the Nightmare on Elm Street films is all because of how great Robert Englund as as Freddy Krueger and how fantastically fun the films were. I have to rewatch Freddy vs Jason and the tv series next but I definitely still love this franchise as much as I did when I was younger.