King Tut Exhibit at California Science Center


100 years ago the King Tut Exhibit started its tour around the world. A pharaoh that was almost completely a unknown because he had been wiped from history by other pharaohs. The discovery of his tomb was an international sensation and has continued to be something that people are excited about. Now the California Science Center once again has the King Tut Exhibit with quite a bundle of new items for lovers of the Egyptian artifacts.

Its so amazing to see all the things that were buried inside the tomb in such amazing condition. It’s hard to believe that these things lived through thousands of years. There is jewelry and statues and tiny chairs. There is so much gold and stones. I could spend hours just staring at all the things inside the cases.

One of my favorite moments were the multiple people who asked if the real mummy was in one of the cases. It was quite obviously not a mummy. It was so silly. It was even sillier that more then one person asked if it was. There was a lot to look at. I loved the fact that the walls were covered in scripture from the book of the dead. I used to know it by heart when I was a child. I read it so many times because I was obsessed with Egyptian history.

There was a lot of neat things to buy in the gift shop. I bought some of the Bast figures and some of the other gods. I also bought some pins. I wear the ankh pin on my jacket every day I really love it.

If you are like me and love Egyptian history and haven’t seen this exhibit or haven’t seen it since they brought it back you should get out there and see it.