31 Horror Movies to Watch Now That It’s October


Every October I watch a ton of horror movies. I mean I watch a ton during the year but I try to watch as many as I possibly can during the month of horror. So here’s some films I suggest you should sit down and watch for your horror fix.

  1. Jack Frost – This will always top my list. A serial killer turned into a killer snowman full of puns. Perfect hilarious horror film.
  2. Army of Darkness – Bruce Campbell is my favorite B rated horror actor and I could pretty much add any film he’s been in to my list.
  3. Nightmare on Elm Street -I fell in love with Freddy when I was a child and I have to watch it every year.
  4. Tales From the Darkside – One of my favorite shorts ever comes from the Tales from the Darkside film. Gargoyles are the freaking best.
  5. Hellraiser – Doug Bradley is fantastic and I love watching the film while my bf gets so angry about the state of the house they are living in.
  6. Sleepaway Camp- a great and fun film with a twist.
  7. Wishmaster – fun, silly, and a wonderful way to spend an evening.
  8. Scream – I am still in love with the original. I love all the rest of them too but the first was best. The tv series was great too.
  9. Saw -I thought the original was creative and fun. I didn’t fall in the love with the rest of the series.
  10. A Cabin In The Woods – Fun, cheesy, scary and full of interesting twists. Also a great set of actors.
  11. Evil Dead – Another Bruce Campbell film and again fun and silly and just the right amount of cheesy.
  12. Resident Evil- the first scene with Milla in the red dress will never not stay with me.
  13. Leprechaun – silly stupid and lots of fun.
  14. Child’s Play – who doesn’t want to play with killer dolls.
  15. Creepshow – I loved this film as a kid.
  16. Tales From the Crypt Demon Knight – need I really say more.
  17. Trick r Treat – its a classic
  18. Tales of Halloween – Netflix movie – super campy and silly and enjoyable to watch.
  19. Jack Frost 2 – killer snowballs with teeth need I say more.
  20. Krampus – I love Krampus and this new one is campy and like Gremlins.
  21. Gremlins – fun, adorable puppets and entertaining scenes.
  22. Night of the Living Dead- Romero’s masterpiece that gave us Zombies as we know them.
  23. Underworld – Im a huge Kate Beckinsale fan and her in that leather….
  24. Puppetmaster – those puppets bring me so much joy.
  25. 13 Ghosts – I have loved this movie since high school. I love all the different ghosts.
  26. Devil’s Rejects – I love the actors and the movie is enjoyable and gross and over the top. And Captain Spaulding is terrifying.
  27. Halloween- I am looking forward to the next one.
  28. Pet Semetary – same reason solid creepy and sad film and I’m excited for the iteration.
  29. It – both the new and the old are delightfully scary.
  30. 1408- I love John Cusack and the film is creepy enough.
  31. Jeepers Creepers – The movie is still one of my favorite campy horror films.

Check out all of these and tell me your favorites.