Castle Cats My New Obsession


I got home from Blizzcon and ended up stuck with con crud. so I have spent the last 2 days laying around the house while the boyfriend and I take turns taking care of our sick selves. It’s been a lot of lounging and I saw someone on facebook mention a game for the phone called Castle Cats. If you know me anything cat related will at least make me look at it. So I downloaded it onto my phone and laid back and named my first cat.
The game is quite adorable they made each cat an individual and gave them little personalities. You play a guild leader who is trying to save other kitties from the Evil Pugo. The way to do this is to complete quests like any phone game there are ways to speed up the amount of quests you get by using gems, which you either gain during other quests or purchase for real money. So far I have a lot of gems and haven’t had to feel the pressure of continuing to play without spending money.
So I named my guild leader after one of our cats and started playing the game. You can speed up quests by actually fighting or you can wait out the time on the quests. You build a fortress for your kitties and collect materials as you go. The game is cute and quite simple. I am very much enjoying just laying here on the couch fighting zombie dogs and collecting cute kitties. It will be perfect for the times I don’t want to get out of bed and for drives to places we don’t really want to go.
If you get a chance and like silly mindless games with cute cats download the game and enjoy it.