Venom Block Party


I went to a block party for the release of Venom last week. I saw the event on facebook thought it looked cool and thought why not go out to LA and checked it out. I decided to take my puppy along because it was outdoors and she likes seeing people and thought she’d enjoying getting to play with other people. I was right she had so much fun.

We got to the event and got our wristbands. The tater tots were incredibly delicious. I got the BBQ ones and I was glad to eat the whole bowl of them. I also tried some of the shrimp ones. They were a bit spicy but still good. I didn’t try the vegan ones. One of the people working for the block party was walking around with cardboard pieces that had little stickers on them. Depending on what color the sticker was you got a corresponding gift. Our group got 2 downloads of the movie, a water bottle and a small journal. I really liked the journal.

We went in the building next door where they were doing screen printed shirts. I got a neat long sleeve with the venom eyes on it. They also had nail art and air brushing you could do. My friends and I got our nails done and got Venom air brushed on our bodies. They looked so cool. Now I kinda want to get a marvel tattoo.

The only thing that was a little bit of a letdown was that the props for the film were inside a room for VIP’s they had it listed that their props and then the props were only for VIP’s when I asked about the VIP wristbands, I was told “They were only for real press”. No big deal though I enjoyed our time.