Tidy Up Your Life: The KonMari Method



New year, new you? The New Year is a great time to start fresh- but how often do your resolutions actually become a reality? I am willing to bet that your physical environment is not in line with your mental and emotional environment as we enter the new year. The best way to take advantage of this new year momentum is to start by getting your physical environment in order.


Marie Kondo, tidying expert and author of “The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up” says that many clients, post -tidying, have gone on to lose weight, feel happier and have figured out what they truly want from their professional and personal lives. Sounds like a tall order? I agree but after following the steps outlined in her book, I have to agree- there is magic in tidying.


Imagine a space where every item sparked joy in your life. Every item had a home where it can go back to and rest when not in use. You are able to know where every item is located with ease. When you use your belongings you thank them for having a special purpose in your life and for sparking joy. Touching and using these items puts your own energy back into them, prolonging their usefulness and life. When you leave and come back, you greet your home and announce your presence, thanking it for taking you in after a long day.


This is the magic that Marie Kondo wants for everyone.


Although her book is a fast read the gist is to first, discard anything that does not spark joy in your life. Those pants that always bunch up weird when you wear them- discard. The sweater you were gifted last Christmas that is so not your style anymore- discard. Books you plan on finishing someday- discard. According the Kondo, someday is never. The key to discarding is to touch every single item. She is serious about this. Gather every piece of clothing and hold each one in your hand. It is clear which will spark joy and which do not. When discarding, thank each item for serving its purpose and do not have any qualms about sending these items on to their next adventure. Kondo has a specific order for discarding and should be followed as such: clothing, books, papers and komono (miscellaneous).

The second phase is tidying. The general rule here is everything should have a home and all like items should be stored together. Give each item space to breathe and relax when not in use. (Kondo is very much into personifying your belongings). Each item should be visible at a glance. Tidying should be individual to each person and their home, just keep it simple. She recommends tidying and putting your items away and then seeing if you need any kind of organizers. She recommends simple shoe boxes and their lids as her favorite tool for organizing. (This means no expensive, fancy organizers from The Container Store).

This whole process should be done as fast as possible.

When done swiftly the impact it creates is huge. Seeing your space go from chaotic to joyful and easy to use creates a huge shift in mindset. Kondo says her clients never relapse into their old ways because of this huge impact. Again, part of the magic.


To ring in a tidy new year, Marie Kondo will be coming to Netflix January 1st, 2019 in her new series Tidying Up with Marie Kondo. So whether you read the book or get inspired through Netflix, take time this new year to get your physical space in order and then start tackling those new year’s resolutions.