Fright Crate by Loot Crate – Season Grievings December 2018


So Krampus is one of my favorite story creatures. I love his mythology and every chance I get to do anything Krampus related I am quite pleased. When I saw that the December box was going to have two different Krampus items in it, I knew I just had to have the box. I was so excited to make cookies with the cookie cutters that I froze sugar cookie dough so that when the box got here I could make cookies the same day.

Frightcrate is Loot Crates horror themed box. I have reviewed the regular Loot Crates and Loot Pet when that was a thing. Our puppies favorite toy is a walking dead zombie head that came out of a Loot Pet Crate. I think the value on them is hit or miss depending on how many things in the crate you actually want or will use. I stopped Lootcrate for that reason a while ago because I had boxes and boxes of unopened crates just laying around my house because I didn’t know what to do with them.

This boxes theme was Season Grieving’s a Christmas-y themed box. I was pretty happy with all the contents. I liked the shirt the least but that’s ok. I can always give the shirt to one of my friends that love Cthulhu. Other then that I really liked the items that came in the box. I will for certain use the plate and already used the cookie cutters. I like the pin/ornament and the other ornament. It’s a quality box for the cost. People are selling just the cookie cutters on Ebay for $40 so I feel good about it.

The first items in the box were the Krampus movie cookie cutters. There are 5 cookie cutters each different characters from the film. I love the bell one most and will probably use it and the angry bear and gingerbread man ones the most. Then there is the Krampus plate. It’s a plastic plate with s cute Krampus picture on it. I am definitely going to be using it for my cookie eating nights.

The next two items are a bookmark/ornament and a pin/ornament. The fact that both of these items are also ornaments is great because then you get to add a little horror to your Christmas tree. This year we didn’t put up a Christmas tree because we had a new puppy and 3 cats.