Insanity #1 by Cameron Jace Review


It’s been a while since I reviewed books. I absolutely miss reading at the rate that I used to read but nowadays I don’t have the time to sit and really enjoy books. That being said I found my kindle and then got a charger for it later that day and as soon as it was charger I fell right back into curling up on the couch in a warm blanket reading. The story of the hour Insanity #1 by Cameron Jace. I am a huge lover of fairy tales and retellings. So when I originally picked this up when the series started (it is now on book 8) I couldn’t wait to get into it. Of course I ended up never getting around to it. I am so glad that I picked it back up this week.  I am a huge Alice in Wonderland fan and I love the horror genre. I actually spend all my time doing horror related stuff for work and I am lucky I get to spend my days doing things I love.

This story is a mad look into someone’s idea of what wonderland could be if it crossed into the real world. I like the way the characters are all a part of the real world and how the author connects them to their wonderland roots. I really enjoyed the way the author researched so much stuff to click together the world he creates. I had never heard about the cat festival, Kattenstoet he speaks of. I have to learn more about it. It’s a creepy horrible festival that has some crazy roots. The Cheshire cat is driven mad by this event because his family was a part of it when it originally happened.

I love the idea that Alice is a crazy girl and she must help the other good people from wonderland to save the world all the while trying to figure out who she really is. The story jumps around and the characters all show their pieces of madness. You can see the parts of wonderland that they brought with them into the real world.

There are six more books in the series and I can’t wait to read them all and dive deeper in the insanity that is Cameron Jace’s books.