Ramblings of a Part Time Druid 2019 Edition


I am back to playing WoW again. I am enjoying it again by pet battling and achievement hunting. I love pet battles so much. I really, really want a pet battles mobile game, that would make me very happy. I would play it more then WoW I think.

This week I finally got the Raiding with Leashes Achievement.IV. I had been missing Drudge Ghoul for far too long and I just bought him for 67000 gold after getting 6 other pets but not him while I was running the old raids trying to get the pets. I now have to defeat Alagon the Observer in a pet battle. I haven’t looked up what that gives me yet. It will be a surprise.

Then I started working again on the Order of the Awakened rep because I am barely at Revered and I need the exalted for multiple achievements. I am super annoyed that there is only one quest that you can do to level up the rep. It will take a month but I will get there.

I also spent the day collecting all the Draenor pets that I didn’t have so that I could finish up the safari. I love the little Rescued Fawn. I think the fawns are pretty cute. I was happy to finish it since some of the pets are quite annoying to catch.

Next up is finishing some of the old raids and trying for pets and mounts. This year I plan to be more consistent and try regularly for pets and mounts I am missing. I really want a few of them and I am gonna make it happen.