Persephone our new puppy


My boyfriend and I decided we wanted to get a puppy. So we spent the better part of last month searching websites for rescues and shelters that might have had a puppy that we were looking for. I sent out so many applications. Some rescues responded to us many did not. I didn’t realize how heartbreaking it is to try to rescue a dog. We spent a month meeting dogs that were so incredibly cute and sweet but not good matches for our home. We wanted to take them all home. Well, really I wanted to take them all home my other half wasn’t completely set on any of them.

Each of the dogs we met had something special about them. The first dog we met was so loving. She liked to run and get lots of pets. She wasn’t friendly to other dogs or cats so she wouldn’t settle into our home well. So though I fell in love we continued on our search. It was really more about watching my boyfriends eyes light up and him falling in love.

I remember getting the email back from the last rescue and she told me to contact the foster if we wanted to meet the puppy. I texted the foster and she asked if we wanted to come to LA in 2 hours to meet the dog. It was an hour and a half drive for us and we jumped in the car. Five minutes into meeting the little angel he looked at me and said Yes, Yes, Yes. That’s all it took for us to tell the rescue we were interested. We signed the paperwork right there and put our new princess in the car. We drove immediately to PetSmart and grabbed some puppy pads for the car ride home and she laid quietly against me while we drove to the next PetSmart next to our home to buy everything. We wanted to just get her close to home.

She’s been the most loving, sweetest puppy I have ever met. She’s gentle with people and with other animals. She loves our kitties and loves us. We have been completely blessed with the best dog we could ever ask for. Look for more posts this coming year as I review products and talk about our first year as new dog parents. I have chosen my family every step along the way and this addition has been exactly what we both needed.