Electric Pussycat – the Austin Powers inspired Bar


If you know me I go to a lot of bars. I especially love kitschy and fandom bars. Everytime a new one comes out I add it to my list.
This last week I was in LA and we had just left an event and I saw we were only 5 miles away so I convinced my better half to drive to Glendale and have dinner with me while we waited for The Electric Pussycat to open.
We had a fantastic dinner and walked over to the bar. The outside has a purple fuzzy carpet and a bouncer and once you walk in you are transported to the mod age with a splash of Austin powers. I loved all the cat inspired art. The furniture was inspired and fun. I loved the interior design immediately. It was fun and sexy and even had sharks with lazers and stripper poles.

The bar staff was incredibly nice. They talked with us and joked. They are attentive and friendly. We never felt ignored or like we were over staying our welcome. The vibe was chill and friendly. I think that was one of my favorite parts about the bar. They were so nice. It was a slower night but they never made us feel like they were pushing alcohol on us or trying to push us off. We stayed for a while and drank a couple of drinks each.

I will for certain be going back. I liked the atmosphere and I want to try the fishbowl which I didn’t get a chance to try the last time we were there. Here’s some photos I took while we were there.


Check it out if you are in Glendale.

Electric Pussycat

103 E Broadway
Glendale, CA 91205