Maria Bamford at Flappers in Burbank


I got my boyfriend tickets to see his favorite comedian Maria Bamford in Burbank. He took a half day at work and we took our puppy to my mother’s so she could watch her since she’s too young to be left alone at home for more then an hour. We didn’t know much about Flappers. I had never been there before so I didn’t know what to expect. Honestly, I hadn’t been to many comedy clubs so it’s a new thing for me. We were trying to find a place to eat when I saw they had a menu at the club. We decided to find out if it would be easier to eat their instead of trying to find something to eat at the Burbank Town Center. It was much easier since we were seated in our seats for the show and they brought us dinner right to those seats. I ordered Mear Loaf and he got a pesto mac and cheese. I liked mine well enough. We both devoured them because we were starving having not eaten since around noon.

I got a Vanilla Vodka Hot Cocoa which was extremely delicious. He got a beer. There was an MC and 2 comedians who went on before Maria. You could see the progression of time spent on stage with each comedian. None of them were bad, as the acts got closer to Maria they had better timing with their jokes. I liked everyone they all had jokes I laughed at. I’m a little annoyed at Flappers because they don’t keep up who’s performing so I can’t call out the comedians by name.

I loved Maria’s set. She was funny, genuine and a joy to watch. My boyfriend laughed happily the entire time. I was so happy to see so much glee in him. We went over and met her after the show where she was selling merchandise. Her merch is tea towels. I am a huge tea towel collector he knew it and pulled out the $20 and she even signed it. We are going to hang it up by the door.