Afters Ice Cream and Rick and Morty Team Up


I wanted to write about this when it first came out but sadly our store ran out the first day and when I kept checking back they hadn’t gotten any back in so I finally gave up. Today while we were doing community day for Pokémon I went into our next closest Afters and they had both flavors so I absolutely had to try them. I should have asked when they plan to take it out of store, but I’m guessing it will be there a while until the next collaboration.

They even had merch in shop for you to purchase. Some of the shirts were pretty cute. I really like that they sell socks in the store. I get stuck on buying socks. They had so many cute pairs I had to convince myself to only buy the ice cream.

I had really wanted to try the flavors because I love ice cream and I love Rick and Morty. I was a little disappointed in the flavors. The first flavor Dark Matter Brownie Batter which is supposed to be black brownie batter with brownie bites and galaxy sugar tasted like a slightly chocolatier cookies and cream. I love cookies and cream but it wasn’t what I was expecting. I was pretty bummed that I didn’t see any stars in my ice cream. Where were my stars? The other flavor Caramel Portal Ice Cream which is supposed to be a green colored caramel ice cream with mini marshmallows and apple pop rocks, I can only describe as ice cream. Like flavorless ice cream, its hard to explain except it tasted like cold vanilla ice cream with small marshmallows in it.

I won’t say they were bad, they were both delicious and not super expensive for the cost of an ice cream. I like the other flavors I have had there. It’s a cute little ice cream shop.