Netflix Presents Black Mirror: Bandersnatch an Interactive Movie and Bird Box



When I saw the announcement for this I got super hyped. I am a huge fan of Black Mirror and I love choose your own adventures. (My favorite actor wrote his biography as a choose your own adventure and it was amazing. I will review it here someday soon, I promise.) So I had no idea how they planned to implement this because its new and completely innovative. The idea that you choose what happens to the character to make each time you watch it different and it different for all your friends is such a interestingly neat idea. I loved the conversation it sparked after everyone began watching the show and the fact that everyone was trying to figure out what the true ending was. After we got to the very end (we actually missed an ending so we have to go back and watch it again soon) my boyfriend looked up a flow chart for where each choice leads you. I haven’t yet read it but it sits on my phone once we’ve watched the one we missed so that I can see if we had indeed found them all.

The movie is like any of the Black Mirror episodes and makes you think. I really enjoyed playing the game that the movie is with my boyfriend on our indoors date night. We would look at each other and pick one of the choices and then laugh and look at the other as if they were wrong. We had a blast. After the movie we had even more fun as articles came out letting you know that there are more secret endings and more things that we missed. The movie itself was something I was interested in. It was a kid taking a book he loved and turning it into a video game and how it consumes his life because he starts to believe he is being controlled.

If you enjoy interactive media and quizzes and choose your own adventures you will love this or you won’t. I can’t decide for you but what I can tell you is that I enjoyed it and we spent 3 hours going through all the different choices. You might end up spending a night in.


I had to watch this since so many people were talking about it and the memes were starting to get spoilerish. I like Sandra Bullock and wanted to see what she had to offer us.

The film is interesting. It’s not fantastic and its not terrible. It’s a solid B, I love that we never see the monsters. I think that gives it a bit of mystery that makes the plot a little bit stronger. It allows the viewer to make up their own ideas as to what the monsters look like and where they are from. I read one article that suggested the monsters were an illusion for social media. I think its funny that people try to always equate meaning to of their own.

Sandra Bullock is wonderful as a women taking care of two children in the middle of the apocalypse. The film jumps back and forth between present time and five years before. There are some things that are a little frustrating as you watch the film but overall the story is interesting. I liked the way they grew the monsters, the fact that we never see them so that they stay creepy. I like the way Sandra Bullock’s character develops you see her slowly change and adapt. It doesn’t feel like she just becomes someone else in the event of an apocalypse.

Overall I wouldn’t watch it again unless a friend really wanted to see it but I definitely didn’t hate it. It was mediocre and not the worst. I do plan to pick up the book because a lot of people said it is better described in the book.