How to Drink More Water


Over the past year my goal has been to drink a gallon of water a day. If you are looking to drink more water throughout your day here are my best tips and tricks.

  1. Game-ify using apps! My favorite app for drinking more water is by far “Plant Nanny”. Think of a Tamagotchi that you water every time you drink water yourself. The plants are adorable and grow up over time. When you drink water all you need to do is open the app and log your water there. You set the daily water goal and it will remind you to “water your plants” throughout the day if you aren’t drinking enough water.
  2. Get a Gallon Jug! I bought this simple water jug at Big Lots for cheap. The idea is to fill it up each morning with your desired amount of water and to keep it close to you. If you are working at a desk, keep it within reach. Having it measured out is an easy way to see if you are making progress towards your goal. You can also write quotes on it or personalize your jug as you see fit.
  3. Cute Cups and Tumblers! My obsession with Starbucks tumblers is real, but it has really helped me drink more water. When I get to drink water out of a cute cup it makes it more fun. This is really simple but easy. I have even bought personalized stickers off of Etsy to make it even more fun.
  4. Tally Marks! Once you have a cute tumbler of your choice it is easy to use a whiteboard marker on top to track how much water you are drinking each day. Everytime I refill my cup that’s 1 tally mark. If you are using a 20 oz. tumbler you only need to refill your cup 4 to 5 times to meet your goal. Each morning simple wipe your tally marks clean and start again.
  5. Keep it within sight and easy to access! I recently brought out this beautiful glass jug to keep my water on the counter. I only have to fill it up every once and a while because of it’s size and it is always within sight and easy to access. This is also helpful when friends come over and they want to drink water too.
  6. Add fruits, veggies and herbs! Adding you favorite fruits can really spice up your water. Some of my favorite combinations are cucumber, strawberries and mint. Just remember to wash out your water bottle often as the fruits and vegetables go bad quickly.