Spyro Remastered – How a Tiny Dragon Helped Me Deal with my Grief


I ran out the day this was released and picked it up in stores along with a Spyro the Dragon stuffed animal. I had to have it right away. This game has had so much meaning to me and this year Spyro turns 20 years old. I decided to write about the game today because today holds a special place for me with Spyro.

When I was 13 I spent every weekend with a cell phone plastered to my ear while my best friend and I played through the first Spyro game together. We would play the same areas collect the same gems and it was almost like we were playing together. It was today 19 years ago that my best friend took his life and left me with Spyro as the only connection to him. I spent a long time just doing nothing every weekend but playing through the game trying to find those moments we had spent together. I know it sounds sad and morbid but it’s what I needed at the time to get through. I had just started to learn about mental illness and depression. I suffer deeply from depression and it affects my everyday life. I understand how lost he must have felt.

That year Taco Bell came out with Spyro toys. I bought them all and over the years it got harder to find Spyro stuff even though I kept trying. Then Spyro’s Skylanders came out and it changed everything. All of a sudden I was able to throw a rock and find Spyro merchandise. I started buying it up as I could find him and had so many wonderful memories of my best friend.

When they announced the remastered games, my Facebook messenger was full of people letting me know because they all knew how much I loved Spyro from all the things I had around my house. I was ecstatic. I played the demo at E3 like 15 times. I got all the swag they had for it. I was overly happy to be able to play the game again in a remastered form.

The game is easy, much easier then I remembered. The game looks beautiful and incredibly well done. They show off the world in a way only our new technology could do. I am so happy to have the game again and be able to play it over and over and jump around as that tiny purple dragon. It turns me into a happy go lucky 13 year old who spent probably 1000’s of hours on the game. It’s like being a part of my childhood again. It brings back someone into my life that I had lost. The game is great. I couldn’t ask for a better version to have been made and it’s obvious that love was put into creating it. I am so lucky that I live in a time where nostalgia is a real thing.

Here is a link to some resources if you or a loved one is having a hard time.