My First Cheap Haul of the Year


So today I had to go drop off a package I sold on Mercari and because of that I thought why not run some errands and pick up some bubble mailers while I am out. I will say I didn’t end up picking up any bubble mailers both my go to places to purchase them were out. I need to figure out where I can get some cheap really soon.

Anyways. I first stopped at the 99 cent store. I really like going in there now because they have so much cute stuff. I have picked up some really great things while I was in there. I even found this tiny piñata I had seen in another store for $20. I was overly excited. Today though I really didn’t need anything other then mailers of which they did not have. So I decided to go down the Valentine’s aisle because they always have cute holiday stuff. I need to go again because they had a lot of really cute cups and I am making a small garden set up with cute cups. I will post on that another time. I did grab some adorable Valentines socks while there. I didn’t find anything else I needed and the Christmas cookies were already gone. I am bummed I love shortbread Christmas cookies and should have bought more when I had the chance.

Then I went over to Daiso. If you have never been there you should go it is a Japanese dollar store. I went to check if they had mailers. They only had the small ones. When I was walking back to the exit I saw the cutest little journal that said Everyday is Caturday. So of course I had to buy that. It was $3 and the most I spent all day on a single item. Once I left there I walked over to the thrift store and picked up a vintage cat candle and a short story book. I love candles and I love cats. I am sure you are starting to see that trend.

Once I finished there I started down the street to go spend my $15 Kohls Reward. I spent far to long trying to find something I liked until I happened upon a incredibly soft rainbow sweater and it was only $13 so I decided on that and a NYX lip balm. Made it out of the store only spending 86 cents. I was pretty proud of myself. I am super in love with the sweater it is not very warm but it is super cute and really soft. After I left Kohls I went to CVS since they had sent me a $5 coupon for any one item. I spent the next twenty minutes trying to find a $5 item that I wanted that wasn’t food. I ended up finding a pair of socks that had Chinese takeout containers and fortune cookies on it so I jumped on that. Then I found some Christmas socks for $1 and some face masks for $1. I only own about 10 pairs of regular socks and about 300 pairs of designed socks. I have a sock obsession.

So today I spent $12 in total and got a candle, book, journal, sweater, infinity scarf, lip balm and 6 pairs of socks. I think that’s a pretty good score.