Zombies Vs Unicorns An Anthology a Review


I love anthology books. They bring me so much joy. I love seeing authors I love writing stories with one another. I especially loved this one because it focuses its stories on the undead and the mythical and which is better. I love the way the two authors that pinned the book and put it together before every story discuss the story and their reasoning behind why Zombies or Unicorns are better using the logic from the stories. I fell in love with it. I adore Holly Black and have read a lot of her books, now I have to pick up Justine Larbalestier books because she’s entertaining and I would love to see what books she brings to life. The best part is the introduction to each story that there is a heated conversation between Holly (Team Unicorn) and Justine (Team Zombie).

Each story is really unique and different and I really like that about this series. They don’t feel like your run of the mill Unicorn stories they each are very different and hold their own as a short story. There are a few I would really like to see made into an actual book because the premise is really good and I think they could do something great with it. Every author in the series is a wonderful author. Many of them I have read their books and others I need to read their books now.

My favorite story so far is The Care and Feeding of Your Baby Killer Unicorn by Diana Peterfreund. The story is really interesting in the idea that unicorns are actually evil and dangerous. There are people who are basically immune to the unicorns poisons. The story is actually the most interesting because it ends abruptly and it leaves you wanting to know more about the baby unicorn and what’s going to happen to it now that it has started to grow up.

My favorite Zombie story is Children of the Revolution by Maureen Johnson. It’s a different take on zombies and how sometimes we go too far in our desire to live forever. The story is interesting in the idea that the rich will do crazy things for the chance to miss death. This was the most interesting to me because of cults. I have always been enthralled by religion and the way that people become obsessed.

Each and every story is a great little capsule of fantasy and horror. They all have their own place in the book. I fell in love with the different authors and I will be looking up each of them to see what books they have written so I can add them to my book list. I would give it a 5/5 stars because I was sucked in over and over again with each new story.