You – Netflix Original Series… Is Love Deadly?


So I saw this new series about a obsessive guy who falls in love with a woman and then stalks her until she ends up falling for him. I had to watch it because it had the perfect creep factor for me. I was drawn into the over the top story that unfolds.I learned that it was actually a Lifetime tv series that Netflix picked up and is doing a second season on and before that two books. I am definitely going to pick up the books because the show kept my nerves very tight. I am very much a horror lover but I more enjoy the ones that leave you thinking hard rather then the torture type. This one brought me back to my own run ins with stalkers and that raised the level of terror for me because I could just imagine what it would take for someone to go from sending you packages of love to killing someone you love because they think it will make you love them more. I love the psychosis of people who believe they can change the heart of someone by manipulating them.

The show starts off slightly creepy and then just takes off from there you just don’t think it will get worse and it does. You worry about Beck  and her friends, you wonder what Joe’s going to do next. You watch as his lie unravel and the way he so effortlessly makes his manipulative choices and how he covers his tracks. It sucks you in and leaves your heart racing. Shay Mitchell plays Peach Salinger, Beck’s best friend and she is wonderful as the best friend and the awful friend and makes Joe more sympathetic. The fact that they continuously elude to events that happened that make you wonder what happened to the girl before Beck has he done this before, does this mean he will do it again. It makes you wonder. You feel like you should check out your windows at night to make sure that no one is watching you. You wonder if the people you meet are completely happenstance or have they inserted themselves into your life.

The show is a spiral of madness for both the main characters. It hooks you from the beginning and leaves you fearing for everyone as each episode progresses. I am going to go buy both books because I don’t know if I want to wait until next season to see what new levels they are going to let him ascend.